1) Finding the next IT professional for an organization is a responsibility that we take very seriously and of which we are proud.

2) When older talented calibers are hiding and not wanting to switch roles, we find them and the game begins.

3) Our network offers companies sourcing know-how to quickly fill niche and IT roles anywhere in the region.



Bring qualified IT professionals from third countries to Europe
 Our employees are the key to the continuous growth and success of our brand and values .

ALPS EAST only employs the best in the industry, which is why OUR CONSULTANTS are seasoned professionals with a proven track record and the ability to advise and effectively service our customers


Retained Executive Search Our consultants bring industry and talent acquisition experience to every project to skillfully overcome sourcing hurdles At ALPS EAST, we have spent several years helping our customers to select and evaluate their IT specialists. Our commitment does not end with the placement, but the long-term influence that a great leader can have is our success.

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