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If there is a trustworthy IT solutions in the region, you are helping all growing businesses by providing the right solutions and expertise and getting them to achieve their strategic goals

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Who am I ?

At the beginning of 2019 I was convinced that companies using traditional methods could no longer hire enough IT specialists. I was convinced that we had to expand our sensors to other European countries, the Middle East and especially Egypt in order to make the companies future-proof. That belief led me to quit a well-paying job in 2019, even though I was a father at the time.

But I was sure that there were people in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and especially in Egypt, who, with my help, could build a new future here. And who can ensure that smart entrepreneurs find enough qualified IT specialists here in Germany, Austria and all of Europe?

So I started to become the specialized provider of qualified IT professionals from Eastern Europe and the Middle East and especially Egypt. Success and demographic development prove me right. And that’s what I stand for to this day and pass on my knowledge. If you do it right and work in partnership with people, there is absolutely no lack of integration and skilled workers who are capable of development.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading companies in the development and provision of IT professionals solutions that enable agility for our customers in the region


Egypt has the oldest culture in the world, over 100 million people live there, 500,000 of whom are IT graduates every year. Not everyone can study IT in Egypt, although there are an enormous number of young people who are interested. The natural product really has to be excellent in order to get an IT study place in Egypt. This means that Egyptians with a degree in IT have good manners, intelligence and the ability to integrate. Thousands want to support in Europe as IT experts.     


We are International Recruitment Company

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